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Clean Energy Fuels Corp. has announced that it has supplied Hawaii Gas with the first shipment of LNG in Hawaii state history. Hawaii Gas is working in partnership with stakeholders throughout the state to utilize LNG as a less expensive and cleaner burning fuel for utility and commercial power generation as well as for ground and marine transportation. Hawaii Gas recently received approval from the Hawaii Public Utility Commission to land containerized LNG for use as a back-up fuel source for its Oahu synthetic natural gas plant. Clean Energy’s initial delivery totaled approximately 7,100 LNG gallons. “These initial shipments of LNG represent an important step in support of Hawaii’s clean energy future,” said Alicia Moy, CEO of Hawaii Gas. “Bringing LNG in ISO containers allows us to diversify our existing fuel supply. As we bring in larger quantities of LNG, we believe we can meet the needs of the people and businesses of Hawaii by lowering their cost of energy with a lower-carbon fuel.” The LNG was loaded into an ISO container at Clean Energy’s liquefaction plant in Boron, California, transported to the Port of Los Angeles and then shipped to Honolulu, where it was re-gasified and injected into Hawaii Gas’s utility distribution pipeline.