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The Clean Vehicle Education Foundation’s (CVEF) Technology Committee has announced a CNG Critical Issues Workshop to be held June 23-24, 2014 at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, Colorado. The workshop will address a set of technology issues critical to the continued safe deployment of NGVs and associated infrastructure. A maximum of eight topics will be discussed on day one. The last half day will focus on developing action items and position papers as needed. A briefing document on each issue will be prepared prior to the meeting for review. Also participants will be asked to prepare short presentations in support of, in opposition to or stating alternative positions for their topic of interest.

Examples of the issues that may be included are:
• Ventilation of maintenance facilities—review of CVEF/Sandia report
• Unintended consequences from burst disc PRD use
• Proper placement and venting of PRDs
• Design changes for cylinder valves for safe removal
• Dispensing technology to prevent over pressure fills and achieve more effective filling in warm conditions
• Communication fills and on-board pressure management for vehicles
• Reliability/monitoring of solenoid and excess flow valves on containers
• The CNG cylinder/valve/PRD as a system vs. independent sourcing

CVEF is requesting the participants and other industry stakeholders suggest additional topics that may need to be considered in the workshop. Attendance for the one and one- half day workshop will be by invitation and limited to thirty participants. Depending on attendance by the Technology Committee members, an additional five to ten slots may be available.