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On Monday, Luxfer Group announced that it has acquired Vexxel Composites, a manufacturer of high-pressure composite cylinders. Founded in 2012, Vexxel specializes in Type 4 (polymer-lined) carbon composite cylinders for use as CNG fuel tanks. The company will now operate as part of the global Luxfer Gas Cylinders Division. “This acquisition provides our gas cylinder business with a facility purpose-built for the manufacture of new Type 4 composite cylinder products, which will be targeted primarily at the class 8 heavy-duty truck market,” said Luxfer Group chief executive Brian Purves. The new facility will add another 4,000 units per year to Luxfer’s CNG production capacity. The facility will produce new range of larger-diameter Type 4 cylinders that Luxfer is in the final stages of developing. Vexxel will now operate under the name Luxfer Utah.