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On Friday, the central Louisiana towns of Hornbeck and Leesville announced that Hornbeck will construct and operate a new CNG station in Leesville. The Hornbeck natural gas distribution system has lines that run through Leesville. For each sale, Hornbeck will pay a franchise fee to Leesville. “I believe natural gas is positioned to be the No. 1 alternative fuel to help America achieve energy independence, for a few reasons,” said Hornbeck Mayor Clarence Beebe. “Natural gas is abundant, natural gas is clean, it’s affordable, and natural gas is safe.” For now, most of the market is for municipalities and parishes using the fuel for their fleets of public vehicles and companies that use heavier trucks. Progressive Waste Solutions, which contracts with Vernon Parish for waste removal, has committed to converting its fleet. “We have 22 police cars that are 5 years old that we have to look at replacing,” said Leesville Mayor Robert Rose. “So it’s the perfect time for us.”