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In April, NGVAmerica will assume responsibility from Encana Natural Gas for the monthly creation and distribution of the U.S.-Canada Infrastructure Report derived from information collected by the EERE Alternative Fuel Data Center (AFDC). This report repackages data into information useful to strategists and decision makers working in various disciplines who analyze fueling infrastructure trends in the NGV industry. The report currently provides statistics, data and graphics on CNG and LNG station growth based on monthly updated station count information. The NGV station data is also organized by state, access rights and active, future-planned & non- active/decommissioned properties. Over the next several months, staff also plans to reintroduce the mapping component to this product, a feature Encana once provided that, among other things, shows vehicle range realities by visually connecting NGV infrastructure throughout the U.S.

NGVAmerica wishes to thank Encana Natural Gas for creating this useful analytical tool as well as acknowledge Alexine Hazarian from Encana, who has been responsible for this project since 2010, for her assistance and guidance during this transition period. NGVAmerica will provide this report as a member benefit on the website in the Members Center in addition to publishing limited information to the public where appropriate.