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Applied Natural Gas Fuels (ANGF), the second largest producer and marketer of LNG in the U.S., announced that it has completed the purchase of 31 acres of land in RailPort Business Park in Midlothian, Texas, to build a multi-liquefier LNG production platform previously announced in September. The platform will consist of up to five liquefiers with a production capacity of 86,000 LNG gallons per day per liquefier and total on-site storage of 1.5 million LNG gallons. In addition to formally acquiring the land, the company has executed purchase orders for all long lead items such as storage tanks, production skids and the electric motor and compressor unit. The Midlothian LNG Plant, which is expected to be operational in early 2015, will focus on end users in the high- horsepower, trucking, E&P, rail, marine, remote power generation and mining markets that currently use diesel fuel and are interested in converting to natural gas. ANGF also is currently in the process of doubling the production capacity at its Topock, Arizona LNG Plant by adding a second liquefier, which is scheduled to come on line in July 2014. When completed, the Topock LNG Plant will have the capacity to produce about 172,000 LNG gallons per day.