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The City of Covington in Georgia has opened its first publically available CNG fueling facility, which was built by American Fueling Systems. The two-dispenser, four-hose station will service the City’s growing fleet of NGVs. Covington purchased five CNG Dodge Ram pickup trucks last fall and voted to purchase another CNG truck for the street department manager. Local school systems, which consume 1.4 million GGE annually, have expressed interest in transitioning to natural gas. Covington utility customers pay a reduced rate of $1.85 per GGE, while large-volume customers pay $1.95 per GGE. Fuel went on sale for $2.34 per GGE to the general public.

Meanwhile, the City of Douglas Gas Department in Coffee County, Georgia, has announced plans to begin construction of a public access CNG fueling station. A groundbreaking ceremony will be held at the site location next Monday (March 3). The planned station is the result of collaboration between city leaders, the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia (MGAG), and Waste Industries (Transwaste). A contract is in place between the City and Waste Industries, which will begin to fuel its sanitation trucks beginning in October 2014. After a trial period, the station will be open for public access. The station will be among the first CNG stations in southern Georgia. For more information, contact the City’s Natural Gas Department at 912.389.3427.