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On Wednesday, Clean Energy announced the opening of a new LNG station as part of its America’s Natural Gas Highway (ANGH) in Jacksonville, Florida—a first for the state. UPS and Raven Transport, an over-the-road trucking company, will serve as the anchor fleets for the public access station. “The opening of the Jacksonville station is a win for Jacksonville as it represents a greener fueling option and continued economic activity in the important and growing field of natural gas,” said Alvin Brown, Mayor of Jacksonville. Clean Energy also recently opened natural gas stations in Pontoon Beach, Illinois, and Fontana, California, as part of ANGH.

Clean Energy also announced this week two new fueling agreements. In transit, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) has signed a multi-year agreement with Clean Energy to maintain DART’s four CNG fueling stations as it continues to transition to natural gas. The transit agency plans to deploy 580 CNG buses to serve the greater Dallas area. Once fully deployed, these vehicles are forecasted to use approximately seven million GGEs annually. Clean Energy designed and built DART’s four CNG stations in 2012. In refuse, the City of Smithtown, New York, has renewed its natural gas contract for seven more years. In 2006, Smithtown required all residential refuse and recycling contractors to use natural gas powered trucks. The 25 trucks that now serve Smithtown are expected to consume approximately 250,000 GGEs of CNG annually. “Making the switch to natural gas has proven to be a smart investment from both an economic and environmental perspective,” said Russell K. Barnett, environmental protection director, Smithtown.